Like the last issue, this one and future ones will be issued both in print copy and online. The last issue online (Autumn 2014) was magnificent and there was a lot of very positive feedback about its content and appearance ‘on screen’. I would here like to express everybody’s thanks to Rev David Millar for setting the online version up and doing an excellent job with it. The last issue online went out under the already existing website of the Australian New Church College but this has now changed with this edition and the The New Age has its permanent home at http://thenewage.net.au

Welcome to the Winter Issue! I once asked a group of people what personal and spiritual associations they had with winter. They gave a variety of answers but the one that most people agreed with was that it’s a time for ‘going within’, reflecting, consolidating, evaluating, processing and such like. A quieter time maybe. Nature does that as it relatively shuts down for a season.

This issue focuses on two of the ministers who have served and will be serving the work of the church. Rev Les Sheppard passed into the spiritual world in early May this year. Darren Brunne was ordained into the ministry of the New Church in South East Queensland on Sunday June 29th, and of course is now Rev. Darren Brunne. There are other things to enjoy but rather than list them here, we’ll leave you to leaf through – or scroll down – and find out for yourself.

One thing that this issue contains (which the last one didn’t) are several Society Reports. As Editor I did not ask for these last time, the reason being that I felt a ‘public’ online issue would be better without too much in-house material. Maybe I threw the baby out with the bathwater on that one, for a church organisation is made up of people in community. My apologies!

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