From the Hurstville New Church Newsletter

In a book of poetry I found one poem titled, “The Spiritual Railway.” The poet, he or she, compares the path to heaven to travelling on a train, and stresses that without repentance our journey will not be successful.

I quote from the poem:

Repentance is the station then,

Where passengers are taken in….

God’s Word is the first engineer,

It points the way to heaven so clear

Through tunnels dark and dreary here

It does the way to glory steer,

God’s love the fire, His truth the steam.

All you who would glory to ride,

Must come to Christ, in Him abide.

In first, and second and third class,

Repentance, faith and holiness

You must the way to glory gain.

Or you with Christ will not remain.

As we read in Secrets of Heaven regarding the book of Exodus, “He who leads the life of faith performs repentance daily, for he reflects upon the evils that are in himself, acknowledges them, guards himself against them and pleads to the Lord for help, for of himself man is continually falling, but is continually being raised up by the Lord.”  Arcana Caelestia 8391

Norman Heldon

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