From the Board of the New Church in Australia

The Board recently held a face to face meeting in Sydney over two days. We welcomed Carolyn Heldon, a relatively new Director, to her first ‘there with us’ meeting. The President’s Report included the Board’s wish to strengthen contact and relationships with societies, the leadership of the church, the lines of communication and responsibilities between the Board and the Council of Ministers.

The Treasurer’s report showed a current slight decline in our financial position after a more buoyant period earlier this year. The Australian New Church College covered current active students’ studies, and David Millar’s involvement with people in the USA and in the UK while he was recently overseas. David Millar’s contract will be extended for 3 years from January 2015 to December 2017. Membership of the NCIA was discussed at length, the need for Police Checks, the renewed NCIA website, Summer Camp in Victoria in January 2015, The New Age journal in its paper and online versions, and the next Joint Meeting between the Board and the Council of Ministers, likely to be at the end of April 2015.

The current Board members are: Rev. Julian Duckworth (President), Rev. David Moffat (Vice-President), Kevin Attwater (Secretary), Graham Hanna (Treasurer), Christine Kendrick (Lay Member), Carolyn Heldon (Lay Member). The last four of these are the Administration Sub-Committee.

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