The “NEW” New Church in Australia Website

As a result of the unfortunate demise of the New Church in Australia’s website, the Board of the NCIA recently considered how best to create a new website. Their considerations included where the content would come from, how they could ensure the new site was easy to maintain, was user friendly, modern and useful for all members and visitors.

After numerous emails, finding access to the previous content and thereby easy reconstruction, the new site is now launched.

Have a look here:

It is the intention in the very near future to also redirect the previous website location to point to the new site, so can continue to be used to get viewers to the same content. This will ensure that the numerous links from other sites are not lost and because this web address occurs very high up the Google search list due to the length of time it has been registered and the amount of visitors it has received.

It is the NCIA Board’s hope that the new site will prove a useful reference for many users and as such the site includes a couple of new features that we encourage you to explore:

  • There is a Calendar of Events, where you could consider listing any events that you think are of a national interest; linked to this is a list of Upcoming Events which allows for a link to more detail directly from any page on the site.
  •  Latest News sections have been added by location to allow for Societies’ information to be easily uploaded and organised for quick access.
  •   There is a featured post section on the front page which can be used to highlight particular posts on the site.
  •  In keeping up with the times, links have been set up to member Society Facebook pages and the NCIA’s own Facebook site.
  •  An ability for sharing of pages has been added so that interested readers are able to quickly share a page with their friends either on various Social Media sites or by Email.

This is a new website for the New Church in Australia and we would be happy to receive any feedback you would like to provide on its function and usefulness. Please don’t hesitate to email our secretary Kevin Attwater at or the website developer Chris Kendrick at

Christine Kendrick

The Site-Manger manages the technical aspects of this website and can be contacted via the email address below for technical issues.

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