Some Recent and Different Swedenborg Books

These are four recent titles from the Swedenborg Foundation who seem to be on to a good thing with their books in the last two or three years.

Three of these productions – Our Life After Death, The Lives of Angels and Regeneration are basically extracts from Swedenborg’s Writings, but they are thematic, with simple titles and keeping to only that one area. So the title is what it says inside. The texts are easy and clear, the layout is attractive and the books are not too long.

The Joy of Spiritual Living (Simple Steps to Your Best Self) is a set of simple techniques to help you in and through your life, practically and spiritually.

Nice work, Swedenborg Foundation!

We look forward to further books on chosen topics. These books are available from the Swedenborg Foundation or from the Swedenborg Centre in Sydney –


Books Regeneration Books OLAD Books LOA Books JSL

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