President’s Message

On Sunday February 1st 2015 I am sending the following set of questions round to each of our societies. The purpose in doing this is to help societies think about their organisational future and secondly, if I get replies, it will really help the national church or the whole church make sensible plans for the years ahead.

I truly understand that each society is an independent body so I send these questions round with care and with great respect. They are honest but they are not given to interfere, only to gather thoughts and facts. I hope that this will be understood, maybe welcomed.

1. Who leads your society or your church?

2. Apart from Sunday, what other activities are held?

3. What briefly is the mission of the society’s activity and to what extent has this been discussed and agreed?

4. Does the society make use of different styles of service and worship?

5. Are the society’s finances sufficient to cover future developments?

6. Has the society advertised itself or New Church teachings in the last few years and if so, how, and with what results?

7. Does the society get outside interest or visitors to services or activities?

8. What is the average number of people attending services and what is the age spread?

9. How do the members and others see the society being in 5 years time?

10. Does the society feel part of the Australian New Church?

11. Does the society feel it could benefit from administrative integration?

12. Can the society think of three things it would like to do, to change, or to aim for, whether these are attainable or not?

13. What does the society feel it most needs?

14. Would the society see selling its premises (if owned) in the near future?

It would be very helpful if replies to these questions could come to me by the end of March 2015. Thank you.

Julian Duckworth

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