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Since Christmas it has been a quiet period in Brisbane as the Church has been in recess, allowing the Brunne family time to relocate to their new residence in Sandgate which is a Bayside suburb of Brisbane.

Church began again on the first Sunday in February with our usual Family Service. This service was the first in a series of seven titled “ What would Love do? “ followed by a group session for the adults then everyone, adults and children joined together for our usual lunch . After lunch the committee held a meeting to discuss an offer made to buy the Brisbane Church property during which Matt Heldon was elected to discuss and put forward to the prospective buyer the requirements of the Church. The Committee has invited the members to think of their Church requirements for the future and these will be tabled at a General meeting after the March Family service should we accept the offer currently before the Committee.

Diane Thompson


We now have a chairlift which carries people up and down the steep side steps, and it’s much appreciated. The previous helpful handrail is soon being switched from one side to the other so as not to collide with the chairlift!
Harvest was a lovely day and the inside of the church looked full and beautiful. The produce as usual was welcomed at the Mission Australia Crisis Centre. 11
We’ve started, by request, a morning Swedenborg Reading group and we’re using a compilation of chapters that cover the teaching on regeneration. It’s read aloud in turn for ten minutes, chat about it for five, several times over. Amazingly simple – very productive.

Several of us keep in touch with church people who are facing difficulties in their life, transition, frailty or some form of sadness.

We are looking ahead to Easter and its meaning for us all. On Good Friday we will have a walk around points in the church with an image or text there and stop to reflect and relate to it.

We send everybody our Easter greetings, most of all for experiences of renewal and resurrection.

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