What the Words of the Dying Mean

A special webcast presentation of ‘Swedenborg and Life’ featuring bestselling Life After Life author, Dr. Raymond Moody, and members of his Research Into the Communications of the Dying Project team.

Live Webcast details
Host Curtis Childs moderates a discussion on what the words of the dying mean and what they may reveal about the afterlife.

Part 1: Revelations from the Research Into the Communications of the Dying team
Part 2: Modern-day near-death experiences and Swedenborg’s 18-century accounts of the afterlife
Part 3: Learn what else you’ll find in Dr. Moody’s upcoming book and what related projects he’s currently working on
Part 4: Q&A session for live participants

Watch and participate
Visit offTheLeftEye YouTube channel on Tuesday, March 17, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. AEST to join the live show.
There’s no need to register.

Dr. Raymond Moody – A best-selling author of twelve books, including Life After Life, in which he coined the term “near-death experience.” His work has opened a modern conversation about death, dying, and the investigation into the afterlife.
Research Into the Communications of the Dying – Cherishes the legacy of language and seeks to examine the words used in one’s final days of life to discover what happens when we cross the threshold. There’s great promise that this research being conducted at Bryn Athyn College will track the human mind through the dying process and perhaps even into the world beyond death.

Swedenborg and Life – A weekly webcast hosted on the offTheLeftEye YouTube channel that explores Swedenborg’s theology on this life and the next.

There is significant current interest and activity in the afterlife area at the present time, with the second book by Eben Alexander on ‘The Map of Heaven’ (mentioning Swedenborg’s contribution to life after death very positively); with a recent three-day First Australian Afterlife Conference in Sydney in late January, at which a busy Swedenborg stand had a significant place, plus a speaker to the conference; and now Dr Raymond Moody’s forthcoming book on what the words of the dying mean.

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