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One of the articles towards the end of this current issue (see here) is an invitation for you to share one of your favourite passages from Swedenborg’s writings with us. You can do this in several ways, all of which are perfectly acceptable and will be included. I’ll explain.

You can send us the wording of a passage from Swedenborg and leave it at that, hopefully including the reference so that that can be added. If you like, you can also send us a passage and include a little bit of personal commentary about why this means a lot to you and why you find it helpful.

You can send us a particular teaching that is found in Swedenborg such as marriage love, influx, remains, life after death or whatever. We can find and include one or two passages that cover parts of that teaching. Again, you can add a short piece about why it means so much to you, but you don’t have to.

There is one other way you can do it. You could be puzzled about what a particular verse in the Bible means. Tell us what the verse or Bible passage is and we will find some helpful teachings or texts from Swedenborg to throw some light on what it means.

The scope is wide and we are happy to use whatever you send for publication. You can stay anonymous or you can include your name. The main thing of course is to take a few minutes to do it and send it, so that this sharing benefits others, like the teaching benefited you. We will include everything we get and we hope this will build up into being a regular activity. And you can send them at any time, please do.

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