‘Charity’ – a poem by Elizabeth Medgyes

Elizabeth is a member of the Melbourne New Church and has been for many years. She writes extensively, both prose and poetry. She originally came to Australia from Budapest.


Charity consists of kindness,
Giving care, being unselfish,
Bestowing others with your skill,
Ability of good doing, to look after,
It is love and respect of people.

Charity is your vital anchor,
To bring yourself up out of your
Rough stormy seas of sins, out of
Dry spiritual-waterless sandy,
Rocky, barren desert of uncaring life.

To exemplify as a model ideal within,
When you don’t care about the person…
You don’t want to respond at all!

To say thank you, or bother to behave
Courteously, politely with consideration.
You may even resent goodness, if in
Return they accept you to be good!

Yes, glorious charity, faith and hope,
Loyalty of God’s way of uniting living,
Many unfortunate people don’t want.

7th January 2014

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