I hope you enjoy this issue of The New Age, in which there is a good variety of articles aimed to be helpful, and a good number of society news.

In about one month as I am typing this, we will be holding an Assembly in Canberra over two days – Friday and Saturday May 5th and 6th – with about 30 people present. An Assembly gives us, as a national church, the opportunity for people to gather and freely discuss whatever has been put forward for consideration. The Assembly will also have several spiritual presentations running through it. Rev. David Moffat will be inducted into the Presidency of The New Church in Australia, a significant moment, for David and the church. We ask the Lord to bless his leadership.

Because it is informal, we hope that a good spirit leads the Assembly towards good outcomes for the future of the New Church in Australia and New Zealand.
Recommendations from the Assembly will be carried forward to a General Meeting later in the year.

Some of you will be present and we hope you feel the use and friendship of the gathering. If you won’t be there, think of us being together, and prayerfully wish us well. No doubt, you will hear about the Assembly in due course.

Rev. Julian Duckworth

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