Supporting the Australian New Church College

Dear Friends,

We are writing to people about financially supporting the Australian New Church College.

The Australian New Church College is one of our key national activities which does a number of things to further the work of the New Church in Australia with its societies and with individual people. It also works with some New Church organisations overseas. It trains future ministers, it provides courses for people who want to study New Church teachings, it does a lot of good work online and, very importantly today, it encourages the work of Logopraxis which is group work based on using Swedenborg’s writings, which has been a tremendous experience for those taking part.

The financing of the College is undertaken by the Board of The New Church in Australia on behalf of the church, with considerable help given from several societies.

About seven years ago, an invitation was made to societies and individuals to give their financial support to the work of the College and Rev David Millar, the spiritual director of the College. This wonderfully resulted in a number of people giving a monthly direct payment, with them deciding on the amount they choose. This continues well.

We believe there are quite a number of other people in the church who would be pleased to support the College in this way. We are writing to you hoping that you will be one of those people. If you decide to help, it would be very beneficial to our available funds, and of course it would be greatly appreciated. The way to set it up is very simple and here are the details of how to do so. Decide your monthly amount first according to your wishes. Then you can make regular monthly payments to the College by setting up a page 25?monthly direct credit, either through your bank or using online banking where payments can be automatically repeated.

Our bank account details are:
The New Church in Australia
BSB – 012- 019
Account number – 226417589

Thank you very much indeed, on behalf of the Board and the College. Our best wishes,

Rev David Moffat on behalf of the Board of the New Church in Australia

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