Rev Glenn and Mrs Mary Alden

Glenn and Mary Alden have been in Australia for nearly three years. They came first to Hurstville New Church, then back to America, and then to assist with the Brisbane Society for about two years.

They are a delightful, energetic, ‘different’ couple who have been a wonderful presence in Brisbane and a great help to all the members there. They have lifted our annual Camps with their willing enthusiasm and open friendship, and in turn have made very many friends here in Australia and New Zealand.

They bike, sail, ride camels, own horses, grow and eat the best organic food and keep an open house, which has been the flat at the Brisbane New Church. We love them, and owe them a deep well of gratitude.

Glenn and Mary will leave Australia on July 15th this year and go back home to North America where they have their family. They have written the following for us here –

Mary and I would like to thank the our many friends from around the New Church in Australia and New Zealand, for nearly three years of being invited into and feeling a part of your both varied and singular church community. We have loved being part of the church camps, the seminars, the Logo Praxis (which we have hopes to continue with) and your church communities. We have loved worshiping with you in some of your churches, and only wish we could have visited all of them and all of you. It is our fond hope that we will be back to attend future church camps and visit other places we have never seen here in both Australia and New Zealand. It is time to go home, to rediscover our own lives, and to be grandparents. We are looking forward to getting our hands dirty with permaculture. Our current plans have us participating in the next Seminar, being held in Brisbane the 11-13th of July, then flying home from Brisbane the following week some time. You will continue to be in our inbox, in our Facebook and in our thoughts, but mostly in our hearts.

Love, Glenn & Mary

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