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The SA History month has been very worthwhile, even though at times perhaps a little slow. Around the Adelaide CBD there have been about 200 functions going on. For us, the most interesting, has been a Granddaughter of Rev. J T Deacon, Dalece, who was most delighted to see where her Grandfather had preached and “worked” in the earlier city Hanson St. Church, particularly the chairs either side of the Altar and the Altar itself. Her Grandfather’s trade was that of a carpenter craftsman and it is very possible he made those chairs as he was well known for crafting chairs for prominent friends and families in Adelaide at that time. Dalece’s family were close friends with the “Irelands” another known New Church family.

A retired gentleman visited and over tea and biscuits, was telling us of when – being a planner in the Surveyors Dept. in SA – he so often had to work with George Goyder’s plans when applications came in. This gentleman was well versed in Goyder’s work and mentioned that his handwriting was not good at all and trying to decipher it often gave him headaches. He also told of us some interesting plans that were originally planned for Port Road for transporting goods from ships to the city, until trains came into being. Incidentally, Jacob Pitman designed and built the first railway bridge across the Torrens River – of which we have a print from the State Library.

Another excited visitor, an elderly lady, is a direct descendant of the Renwick and Chauncey sister families. Her happiness at seeing prints of the famous artist Chauncey sisters was lovely to witness. The two families apparently travelled out on the same ship in the 1800’s to Adelaide.

Most visitors asked for photocopies of some items, which we always did for them to take away. Three visitors have given us their email addresses for further contact and our interesting month of May has now concluded with happy memories.


Early in May we welcomed back from England Alex Duff for a short visit to see family. Alex is the daughter of Anna and Eddie and a Granddaughter of Rev Bruce and Mrs. Lyn Williams.

Several of our Members are currently away on holidays. Anna Duff is in Canada visiting her other Daughter Georgie and Bev Sheppard is visiting her daughter Jane in England until mid-August. Brian and Gaye Heldon are in West Australia.

During the past month Margaret Lawler, Mother of our Secretary Darren, passed into the Spiritual world after battling illness for some time. Margaret was a frequent visitor to Church and our sincere condolences are offered to Darren and family.

Members who recently required hospitalisation were the Rev. Ian Arnold, Mr Doug Nash and Dr. Bill Wilkie, a new regular visitor to Church who required heart surgery. All are well on the road to recovery.

Our Easter Sunday Service was well attended with over 30 people in attendance. The New Church Day service will be held on June 16th followed by our traditional lunch. We extend New Church Day greetings to all our Sister Societies.

Diane Thompson

Postscript: The members and friends of the Brisbane Society warmly congratulate Ken and Diane Thompson who on April 19th (Good Friday), celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Rev John Teed, then the Minister and who conducted their marriage Service, was also the officiating Minister 25 years later on August 6th at the marriage of their daughter, Kristina to Matthew Smith also in the Rosalie Church.

Rev. Ian Arnold


The Feeding Of The [5,000 – 4,970]
After a perilous journey across the fiscal waters of Lake Real Estate, the SS NCIV finally docked at the ANZ wharf on 20th May 2019. Translating from the Aramaic: the church property in Mount Waverley has finally been sold! The vessel was originally meant to dock on 20th March 2019, but was delayed by the turbulent winds emanating from the shores of Last-Minute-Negotiation.

The cargo has been safely invested allowing the search for new premises to begin apace. The New Church in Victoria now moves into a new era of its life.

David & Pam Moffat
The cargo mentioned above has also made its impact in this paragraph. It allows the devil (hiding in the details) to be identified and managed, permitting the finalising of contractual matters with Rev. David & Pam Moffat, prior to their moving to Melbourne early next year, when David will take up the role of spiritual leader for Victoria.

David’s association with the Melbourne Society began in 1986 when his father, Rev Trevor Moffat, brought his family from Paisley in Scotland to take up ministry in Mount Waverley. David was seventeen years old. He became one of the regular organists, alongside Mrs Margaret Parker and David’s mother Joy. Melbourne University lists him as an alumnus with a Bachelor of Music.

David has expressed his enthusiasm to develop something fresh and new in the face of the decay of old forms of religion (as presaged by our teachings) and seeks to engage with creative, new approaches to ministry and what it means to be called, “church”.

Roslyn Taylor
Australian born, American holder of dual passports Roslyn Taylor, was officially welcomed among us following the Sunday service on 19th May which Roslyn conducted. She has come to Victoria for a month with a minimal American accent and a willingness to conduct Services, bible studies and weekend seminars. For all these things we are grateful. In addition, she is on-the-Eve (compared to the incorrect on- the-Adam) of being ordained and is also quite social, as the non-Photo Shopped image below attests.

Klaus Drevermann
Member and Director Klaus suffered a stroke in mid-May but is recovering very well. After nearly three weeks, his speech has returned to virtually normal and physically it is hard to discern any abnormalities. He is being encouraged to do light work and his wife Elke is assisting with activities to restore some areas of his memory.

Helmut Lopaczuk, Secretary, NCIV


Currently our minister, Rev. Howard Thompson, and his family are spending time back in the USA. Howard, Debra and their son Lance are there attending the high school graduation of older son Ben who will be shortly starting a gap year here in Sydney.

Not so well has been our former minister Julian Duckworth. On the eve of an extended visit to homeland UK, a flare-up of Julian’s ongoing health issues meant it had to be cancelled. Instead, he and Ruth have had to temporarily quit their Port Macquarie retirement home for an extended stay here in Sydney with their daughter, Hannah, so he can receive the complex medical attention he needs. Despite all this he stays remarkably philosophical about it all.

With our most recent AGM came the retirement of our treasurer Graham St. Quintin after 22 years during which he did a mighty job. We are fortunate to have Joel Duckworth, Ruth and Julian’s son, taking over the reins from Graham. Joel is also applying his professional ideas and skills in IT and public relations to work with Howard in setting up an online presence for the society in an attempt to grow the church – something that Howard stated was going to be a definite aim in this new pastorate of his. Hopefully we will be having something positive to report in the future about this.

The General Church has held their ministers’ meeting for the Western Pacific area in the last week or so here in Sydney. We were delighted to meet some of them including Bishop Peter Buss at a brief get together at the Swedenborg Centre. A few days later at the Hurstville church we were all together at their Sunday service with a luncheon afterwards. It was a very enjoyable time had by all.

Wayne Kasmar


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