The Australian New Church College

It is important to include a feature on the Australian New Church College in this issue, looking forward to the future. It has a very central place in the real life of the New Church.

David Millar is the Director of Spiritual Training and has been developing this work in several ways since 2009.

The College offers a wide range of courses which can also lead to ordination, the work of Logopraxis, where individuals in small groups make personal transformative practice with the Heavenly Doctrines, the provision of Seminars in different locations, and a growing number of online programs to link New Church beliefs with personal life experience.

The College has an excellent and well-presented website which is well worth browsing, setting out what the College is, what it offers, and a large range of spiritual tools for people to develop. The address is –

Go to this website, and below the main picture is the menu bar. This is where you start from and go into what the College is and does. There are other links below this too.

 An invitation …

The New Church in Australia invites friends to help the work and funding of the College with a donation which can be made by cheque, or even better by a bank transfer. A good number of people now make a monthly bank transfer – we suggest $20 but it is for you to decide the amount – and if you would like to make a donation or transfer, then please either contact –

Rev Julian Duckworth      

Rev. David Millar              

or go to your bank and arrange a bank transfer (one-off or regular (e.g. monthly) putting ‘College’ in the transfer to indicate its purpose

Bank               ANZ

Account         The New Church in Australia

BSB                012003

Account no.  226417589

Contributions from individual people help both the College and the New Church in Australia who arrange for the funding of the College.

Thank you.

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