A Helpful Passage From Swedenborg’s Writings

This paragraph, from the Arcana Caelestia or Heavenly Secrets was used in a recent church service and it seemed to strike a chord with several people. Here it is, but the really helpful part of it comes near the end.

“When a person is regenerating, there are two things happening inside them. One is to do with truths which are coming in, and the other is about a sense of good or loving which is emerging. Truths tend to come in to us more externally, through hearing them and they then pass into our memory; while good which flows in from the Lord comes more internally, into our will, which is our more inward self. What happens is that the good in our will meets the truths that have come from outside of us and cause these truths to be converted into good. So far as this happens, the order changes and the person isn’t now led by truth but by good, which means he is led by the Lord.”

(Arcana Caelestia 9227)

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