Canberra Outreach

In October this year, a number of the ministers gathered in Canberra to do some outreach work at the Australian National University.

We held a short, half-day seminar on Saturday 24th October, and if you’re interested, you can hear the talks by following the links below. You can also share them to Facebook or Google+, which would be an excellent outreach opportunity.

Swedenborg’s Science
Swedenborg’s Awakening
The Matrix a Postmodern Retelling of the Zombie Metaphor
What Swedenborg’s Work Means to Me

ZombieWe do have a number of t-shirts left over from the campaign, and anyone who is interested can buy one for $20.00, to support the cause. There are a limited number of “L” and “XL” size shirts. They are black with white printing, a fun “zombie” logo, designed by Alexander Moffat, and well known words from Psalm 23. Again, this represents a great outreach opportunity, which points to the spiritual meaning behind the words, “the valley of the shadow of death”:

“To walk in a shady valley” signifies in the spiritual sense an obscure understanding that does not see truths from light; “Thy rod and Thy staff will comfort me” signifies that spiritual Divine truth together with natural Divine truth will protect, for these have power; “rod” meaning spiritual Divine truth, “staff” natural Divine truth, the two together meaning these in respect to their power to protect, for “to comfort” means to protect. As “rod and staff” signify Divine truth in respect to power, it is next said, “Thou wilt make ready before me a table, Thou wilt make fat my head with oil, my cup will abound,” which signifies spiritual nourishment through Divine truth; for “to make ready a table” signifies to be nourished spiritually; “to make fat the head with oil” signifies with the good of love, and “cup” signifies with the truth of doctrine from the Word, “cup” standing here for “wine.” (AE 727.2)

Yea, when I walk through the valley of shadow I will fear no evil (Ps. xxill. 4);
where the “valley of shadow” denotes lower things, which are relatively in shade. [6] As valleys were between mountains and hills, and below them, therefore by “valleys” are signified the lower or exterior things of the church, because by hills and mountains are signified its higher or interior things, by “hills” things which are of charity, and by “mountains” those which are of love to the Lord. (AC 4715.5,6)

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