“The Tops” Family Camp In January 2017

About 70 people gathered south of Sydney from New Year’s Day till January 7th at The Tops. For some it was a new experience, for most others, another great camp and meeting old friends.

It was extremely well-managed by those who had put the work in beforehand, and they were thanked at the very start.

The mornings were led by the ministers: David Moffat had organized a treasure trail which took us spiritually around the camp and gave the groups some activities to complete. Julian introduced us to our knees, and then led a session about letting our light shine.

Brian Keith got the children thinking about and handling pebbles and said some lovely things about what they mean, and then showed us photos of the African New Churches.

David Millar worked with the children out front about Moses’ signs to Pharaoh with dramatic effects, and then to the adults about how we deal with our issues when we do our spiritual work. After morning tea, age groups happened which were really good.

Wednesday was Outing Day and a large contingent headed for Jamberoo, and others visited nearby beaches and shops. That was the only full day of sunshine all through the week!

Good evening devotions were led by various lay people during the week, and on the last morning Todd led a particularly “unfair” session bringing home to us that the Lord agrees with each of us a fair payment however long or short the time may be. The children excelled themselves in reacting here.

There was also Yoga (twice), Zumba (power and noise), Zentangle (so artistic!) and Needlework (more sedate) offered during the afternoons with happy results. The Choir practised and sang exceedingly well.

The Choir practised and sang exceedingly well.

Cameron Robinson took the Table Tennis trophy after a finals battle with Wayne Kasmar.

Thanks from us all to Todd and Jenn Beiswenger, Carolyn Heldon, Chris Kendrick and Graham Hanna and no doubt others too for providing a great week which will linger long in our memories. There were people from every state in Australia, and from New Zealand, and a representative from overseas whom I understand was attending his 10th Camp!

And looking ahead to next January……….

The 2018 Camp is very likely to be at Alexandra Heads on the Sunshine Coast on the same dates – Monday January 1st to Sunday January 7th. Details are now up online, along with the opportunity to book.

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