This Spring 2016 issue of The New Age has something of a theme to it, which is about various things to do with the Bible, or the Word, or most importantly of all, the Word of God. Some of you will be familiar with some things, but perhaps not others, so the hope is that this coverage is both interesting and breaking new ground. It is highly important for us to be regularly close to the Word and to understand its central place and its use to us in our spiritual life and regeneration.

There is a study on ‘Simeon and Obedience’ which also breaks some new ground. There is a great sermon by Bill Woofenden on the grace, “O give thanks unto the Lord!” And there is an article about the Bible, Scripture and the Word of God. providing background, our church’s teaching about the Word and several Biblical examples to look into.

One of our members here in Sydney has a personal interest in those people in all walks of life who happen to be the sons or daughters or ministers, priests, pastors and clergy. John has provided us with a surprisingly wide coverage of such people, many of whose names you will know well.

I am offering our September newsletter message on ‘Dealing with natural disasters’ because this is an area which can trouble a lot of people in terms of God’s provision, protection, and loving care for us.

There are quite a few society reports giving us news and updates of friends around the New Church in Australia and New Zealand.

The Camp in January 2017, south of Sydney at Stanwell Tops in a modern centre now called “The Tops” is included, and so is the General Meeting which will take place in the middle of November, following on from the Assembly back in April.

It is a pleasure to provide you with this Spring issue, and, as the weather gets better and better, enjoy and benefit from what you read and get from The New Age.

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