Phillip Island Camp

Camp1Close to 80 people came together for nearly a week stretching either side of New Year. The weather was lovely for much of the time and we were able to be outside. This is the fourth time we have used the resort for a camp. It has excellent facilities and onsite outdoor activities.

Thanks go to Rev Martin Pennington and his team of helpers – Len, Judy, Marian, Peter – for running a successful camp, and equal thanks to Rev Chris Skinner and Margaret for a huge amount of work prior to the camp. Chris and Margaret were unable to be there.

Morning Devotions and Presentations were given by the ministers at camp: David Moffat, Todd, Trevor, Martin and Julian. This year we didn’t have a theme but everyone did what they chose to Camp2present. It works very well.

Phillip Island offers a large number of things to see and do, including a boat trip to Seal Rocks where the largest colony of seals in Australia is, the famous Penguin Parade, and the beaches, shops and tourist activities.

It was good to have nearly 20 people from South East Queensland, along with children, and nearly 20 people all the way from Perth, again with children.

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